I recently came across my earliest artworks made from childhood, a watercolor painting full of stars, happiness, playful maps, houses, and birthday parties. Strangely, when I look at my artworks now, these elements are still remarkably present. I feel like I’m constantly communicating with my childhood self in order to find out what these personal languages mean.

The Menu Objects archive contains 100 recordings of my star wheel symbols, still growing. This star wheel symbol has a star in the middle of a spinner wheel. The star wheel symbols originally appeared in my oil paintings and collages on paper. In my paintings, I reiterated the symbols again and again in various colors, scales, and mediums. In the Menu Objects archive, I came up with 100 instructions to make the star wheel symbols in order to explore the different meanings of this symbol such as shine, togetherness, celebration, time, memory, and happiness.
The 100 recordings were made through a specific methodology, which includes drawing, painting, collaging on paper, taking pictures, filming a video, cooking, decorating, displaying, visiting different locations, and more. The mediums I used to make these wheels range from art-making materials like acrylic paint, colored pencils, and fabrics to beads, cheerios, frostings, other people’s drawings, makeup, my own body and more. I also included wheels done by my friends and family through the instructions I’ve sent them. Each recording is titled with the instructions I’ve given myself to complete the wheels and a name as the subtitle. This archive is not only for myself, but intended for anyone at any age interested in observing, close-looking, creating a personal language, imagining, and finding visual connections within our environment.

With still and moving images existing together, this archive has turned into a visual playground. Moving forward, I see the Menu Objects archive website as a growing world for my personal language, accessible for anyone who would like to engage in one of the ritualistic exercises.

Feel free to message me to submit a wheel at @menuobjects