Menu Objects Wheels

Graphite, 4 min
(Midnight Note)

Marker, 4 min
(Jungle Bubble Gum)

Ballpoint pen, 4 min
(Textbook Doodles)

Colored Pencils, 4 min
(Poem Hue)

Glitter Gel, 4 min
(Disco & Dance)

Oil paint, 4 min
(Pink Polka Pop)

Oil pastels, 4 min
(Sunset Tangerine Cafe)

Crayons, 4 min
(Dream Room)

Black sharpie, 4 min
(Bold Jazz)

Plastic beads, 4 min
(Mini Candy Star)

Masking tape, 4 min
(Old Wallpaper)

Pipe cleaners, 4 min
(Fuzzy Playground)

Fluid acrylic paint, 4 min
(Neon Diary)

Yarn and threads, 4 min
(Wobbly Dish)

Color paper, 4 min
(Art Class)

Take a picture of an old wheel

Make it move
(First Wheel)

Embedded with meaning 
(Lucky Spring Tea House) 

Paint a darker version
(Under the Sea)

Mint Raspberry Sorbet

Make with two food items found at home
(Mayo Sprinkles)

Readymade wheel
(Star Mayo)

Make with food
(Breakfast Dinner)

Make with a straight material, 1 min

Have fun with your dinner
(Taco Tuesday)
Make with a flat food item

(Bok Choy

Make with pancake mix
(First Pancake)

Plating 1 st attempt
(Pancake Wheel)

Pancake mix 2nd attemp
(Second Pancake)


(3rd attempt)


Make it your signature
(Banana Sundae)
On a grid

Layout choco chips

Change its state, mricowave for 20 sec
(Dark Forest)

Visit one of your favorite locations and draw without a pen
(Triple Chocolate Mousse)

(Star Planet)

Use what’s on Veniero’s table
(Sugar Rush)

Make with leftovers 
(Eggy Cheesecake)

Make with candles, 3 min
(happy birthday to you)

Decorate your notebook
(Sparkly Future)