Two Person Show, Bounce House
From Here to Sunday, Brooklyn, NY

Photo by Kunning Huang


Group Show, A Picnic State of Mind
TUTU Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Parsons BFA Fine Arts Thesis Show

Tuesday, May 16th 6-9pm, happening in my studio 
📚new paintings, ceramics & drawings around mapping🗺, language🔣 & worlds🌎


Open Studios
Thursday, March 9th 6-9pm

studio 18———🪅stars, 🍎, ♢♢♢, 🎼, 🥨…see you!


Will Barnet Student Show
National Arts Club, NY
Opening Thursday, February 2nd 6-8pm

Group Show, Three Legged Crow
Opening Friday, April 8th 3-7pm

Part 1
Solo Show PLAID TIME 記憶餐桌
Off-Site Art
2021.04.15~2021.04.21 Opening 4/15 8PM
Installed underneath the Jianguo Expressway in Taipei, Taiwan

Part 2
Group Show BRIDGE HOLE 橋洞
Off-Site Art
Installed in a traditional Taiwanese market Bade Market

Plaid Time is an acrylic painting with mixed-media sculpture made from materials I’ve collected from my time back home during the pandemic, including fabrics, candles, beads,ornaments, ribbons, and plastic key chains. The work is part of a site-specific installation at Bade Market, which is a disappearing traditional Taiwanese market under the Jianguo Expressway in Taipei. 

The exhibition curated by Off-Site Art invites a group of artists to create works centering around Taiwanese daily experiences or cultures to help revive the market and the people living inside it.
Part 1 is a solo showing of the work in an aluminum case. Part 2 is a group show with other artists’ aluminum showcases.